Mindfulness Group

DBT Eastside offers Mindfulness Groups for existing and former clients. To qualify for the groups, clients must have successfully completed at least one cycle of our DBT Skills group. There are two Mindfulness Groups available.

Introduction to Mindfulness

  • Session Duration: 90 minutes (1 hour meditation, 30 min Q&A)

  • Meeting: Wednesdays 7:15pm

  • Group Cycle: 10-weeks; under contract

    • Cycles start 4-times per year (January, April, July, and October)

  • Cost: $75 per week

  • Registration: To register, please fill out the contact page and our Mindfulness Group Facilitator will contact you.

Drop-in Mindfulness Group

For those interested in drop-in Mindfulness, please use this contact page and our Mindfulness Group facilitator will contact you.

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