Our Mission: 

We are a dynamic team of intensively trained Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) therapists who are dedicated to clinical excellence in a serene and supportive environment. 

It is our passion and mission to collaborate as we guide clients on the path to their best lives.

We were trained by DBT Founder, Marsha Linehan’s team. Look for us on the Behavioral Tech website under DBT® Resources: Clinical Resource Directory.

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 About Our Therapists:

Teresa LaFleur, LMHC

I began using evidence based, behavioral interventions early in my career and I could not imagine working in any other way.  In alignment with DBT principles, my goal is to serve as a resource and a point of intervention for each of my clients on a path toward healthy self-efficacy, healthy self-concept and healthy relationships. I am dedicated to providing a safe and supportive place to explore concerns and gain the tools necessary in pursuit of the very best Self. It is my belief that through increased self-awareness, people are empowered to change, and empowered people are positioned to take responsibility for their own lives, emerging with greater clarity, purpose, and happiness -- DBT just fits for me.


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Mary Erickson, LMHC

I sought out and learned DBT because there were clients in my practice I wanted to treat - people who didn't get better with conventional talk therapies and CBT.  These clients seemed to be perpetually suffering through crisis after crisis, failing at school, their jobs and relationships, hurting themselves, contemplating suicide and in a constant state of hopelessness.  I wanted to help them - and I  also wanted to help their desperate families.

I didn’t expect what I found when I started studying DBT… that it fit who I am naturally, that I would love behaviorism as an intervention, that my own coping strategies were really aligned with DBT and that I could integrate DBT strategies into my work with ALL my clients- because the strategies literally work for everyone!

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Patti Davis, LMHC

I love DBT! I have witnessed it's power in helping clients to understand and accept where they are, while simultaneously providing a map of how to skillfully move forward. Using DBT, my goal is to give you the encouragement and tools to be your best self; to inspire you to think of others needs as well as your own, to have the courage to act when you are afraid, to try again when it is appropriate, to celebrate when you succeed and in all circumstances, to have the courage to be imperfect without the loss of self esteem. 

I tailor my therapeutic approach to suit your specific needs, interests and learning style. I also like to incorporate humor and the mind/body connection when appropriate and offer adventure therapy (for example, walking in our park-like setting during a session) to support your growth and change.

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Michael Keegan Savage, LMHC

When DBT came into my life, I needed it because of the challenges my clients were facing.  It allowed me to cope with what was going on and learn skills to help them.

I have seen first-hand how a life of pain affects people and their systems, and I learned DBT because I wanted to help clients and their families.

DBT makes me feel like I’m making a difference.




I joined DBT Eastside because it fit so well with both my belief in DBT principles and my own career path. I have worked with the founders of the group and am impressed by their experience, training and skills. As Intake Coordinator, my role allows me to meet with a variety of clients who have often failed to find previous therapies helpful or feel they need more skills.

People come to DBT Eastside seeking help for behaviors that are interfering with their lives in significant ways. In exploring their histories, goals, and how DBT works, I often see hope emerge as they realize how these practical, yet profound, principles and skills can change their lives.


Holly Brewer, LMHc RDT

I knew I wanted to be a DBT therapist from the beginning of my career. I know how powerful this work is because I use the skills in my own life. DBT offers real solutions to living a meaningful life and healing from difficult challenges. As a drama therapist, I enjoy being able to offer creative ways to learning DBT skills and also incorporating skills and healing into art. 


Colleen O'Rollins, LMFT

I work with adults, adolescents, couples and families to navigate a path toward healing.  I specialize in working with those who are struggling with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, grief, childhood emotional neglect, self-harm/suicidality, relationships, and communication issues.  My background as an educator supports my work and helps me advocate for school-aged clients.  I use DBT skills and strategies in both my personal and professional life because they help me and my clients live authentically and productively. DBT skills are life skills!



Working with others and helping people achieve their life goals is a passion of mine.  I have worked many years as a counselor and since I have been a part of the DBT Eastside team, I have witnessed the positive transformation DBT has on client's lives.  Yes, it really works!!

DBT will help you create an opportunity for positive changes through your willingness for practicing skillfulness and mindfulness.   Let’s explore together and help identify those thoughts, beliefs and assumptions that you may have that make life difficult.  It’s with DBT that we can focus on your strengths and build on them so that you can live a happier and healthier life.  



Learning and teaching DBT Skills has had one of the greatest impacts on my life both personally and professionally! The DBT community is one that I am grateful to be a part of as I find it to be accepting and supportive for clients who feel they have lost their voice and sense of self in the midst of chaos and feeling stuck within their own lives.

Time after time, I've seen DBT Eastside give clients the understanding, mastery, and bravery to move forward by building lives that they are proud to live. To be a client of DBT Eastside takes tremendous vulnerability and willingness. I feel very humbled to be able to support my clients in their own healing and journey to find personal freedom and peace


Lenke LaGrandeur, licswa

Learning and using DBT has been so rewarding for me, both in my personal and in my professional life. It teaches skills that we can all use regardless of our age, our background, or where we are in our lives currently. I love how relatable it is. It truly is a "common sense" approach to problem-solving, skills building, and healing.

I am thrilled to be using this approach in my work with clients, as there is nothing more exciting than seeing people reaching goals and finding a balance in their lives that they never believed possible.


rachael harper, ma, lmhca

Providing support and collaborating with clients to help them feel better and meet their goals is my passion. Since my introduction to DBT, I have seen clients make changes in the way they interact with others, problem solve, manage their emotions, and take care of themselves. Most importantly, these clients gain self-compassion and self-confidence, and their connections and relationships with others greatly improve.

No matter your struggle, I believe DBT can help you to decrease the behaviors that no longer serve you and increase behaviors and attitudes that will help you heal and thrive as your true, best self. There is hope—not just to end suffering—but to create a life where you feel safe enough, valued, and capable of dealing with whatever comes your way.



As a substance abuse counselor, I have witnessed, firsthand, how DBT skills can significantly help a person work towards their recovery. Facilitating Group DBT sessions allows me to engage in and support the skills progression of others. I enjoy working with clients and value how individuals can learn from each other in our group setting and grow through these experiences.

I believe that with DBT skills one can create a happy and healthy life that is worth living according to their core beliefs and values. 



I am a huge fan of DBT and how it has reshaped me as a therapist and as a person.  Empowering clients and equipping them with the skills necessary to meet life’s challenges has always been my primary goals and DBT definitely helps provide a path to meeting those goals.  I truly feel that DBT provides something for everyone and is a therapeutic model that provides important skills that may serve us well throughout our lives.



With a background as a professional musician, I have always been fascinated with how we overcome our struggles in life. The challenges faced in creative communities often mirror those experienced by our clients at DBT Eastside. Studying and participating in various different modalities often left me wanting. Discovering DBT presented a perfect blend of self-awareness, self-reflection, mindfulness, and concrete skills. Gifted with this wonderful road map to self-actualization, it is my goal to be the instrument of change for my clients so they can navigate their lives with greater kindness, efficiency, authority, and happiness.



I believe that counseling is primarily a vehicle for change. People seek therapy for a variety of reasons; they may want to better understand and regulate emotions, reduce suffering, improve relationships, or modify behavior patterns. I was drawn to Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) because I saw how clients embraced it as a means of stability, empowerment, insight, freedom, and lasting, self-directed change. I joined DBT Eastside to become part of a caring and supportive community dedicated to practicing Gold Standard DBT.

Billing and Office Support

If you ever have a question related to billing you can reach our administrative team by leaving a message at 425-615-0605.

For more direct responses to billing questions and concerns , email us at billing@dbteastside.com.

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  2. Attend your intake and assessment (you can download the forms you need here).

No Show/Late Cancellation Policy for Intake Appointments
Failure to attend a scheduled Intake appointment without providing notice (No Show) or providing less than 24 hours notice (Late Cancellation) is very disruptive to our Intake Coordinator’s scheduling efforts and may prevent us from serving other requests as important as yours. A $100 fee will be incurred for missing your Intake session under these conditions.  Please be prepared to provide credit card information at time of scheduling. Your card will not be charged unless the fee is incurred.
We do understand that situations may arise that cause late cancellations and no shows.  The $100 fee will be waived if you choose to reschedule your appointment.