You need help.

It’s hard to be in a relationship with someone who is suffering.  We treat teens and adults and offer support to the people who love them.

In our Parent/Affected Others Skills Groups or through personalized coaching we teach parents, partners and caregivers strategies for setting healthy boundaries, improving communication and dealing with a family member’s overwhelming emotions.

We can also coach you to respond to risky or self-harming behaviors such as explosive anger, suicide threats or cutting.

You are not alone.  We are here for you and your family.

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How can DBT help?

We see it work every day.  Progress depends on each client's willingness to fully participate in learning and integrating skills into their lives. Research tells us that DBT can significantly reduce suicidal ideation, ER visits, and inpatient admissions...and greatly increase life satisfaction.

For teen and adult clients, we offer two DBT group options, based on what is the best fit. The first is our Standard DBT program and it is DBT Eastside’s foundational program. This program is highlighted across our website as the majority of our clients benefit from this approach to skills development.

The second option offers the best fit for a specific subset of clients that require a more targeted approach to the skills taught in group. This option is called Radically Open or RO-DBT and is designed for clients who are working through the challenges of excessive self-control. For more information on RO-DBT and whether it might be for your teenager, please follow the link here.


We can help you:

  • set clear boundaries at home

  • improve communication with people you love

  • manage the challenges that come up in families when someone is struggling

  • deal with a family member's overwhelming emotions

  • respond to self-harming or dangerous behavior

Our biggest hopes for you and your family when you leave our program:

  • Your loved one will feel capable of mastering their emotions

  • You and your family will have concrete skills you can use for life

  • You will have the feeling you can survive anything life sends your way

  • You will feel relieved of the stress of uncertainty 

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  1. Parent/Affected Others Skills Groups: $75 a week for two 24-week sessions.

  2. 1:1 Coaching with our skilled clinicians

Clients may choose to continue with their non-DBT therapists for individual therapy and attend DBT Eastside Skills Groups .

gold standard dbt means...

  • Individual therapy with intensively-trained therapists

  • DBT skills groups for adults, teens and parents/affected others

  • Client-therapist phone coaching

  • Collaborative care from our dedicated team

Call us at 425-615-0605 to schedule an intake appointment and get the process started.

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What DO WE learn in DBT Skills GroupS?

DBT skills are not just for people in crisis. Learning DBT skills benefits everyone. Why is DBT Skills Group mandatory? Click here for more information.

Participants in our groups work through 4 modules of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy skills:

  • Mindfulness

  • Distress Tolerance

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness

  • Emotional Regulation

Do parents HAVE to participate in the Parent Skills Group if their youth is in a skills group?

Research shows that when parents or supportive others are involved with treatment, people create lasting change faste


What type of group is best? standard dbt or ro-dbt?

We currently offer the following groups. 

•    Teen Skills Groups - ages 13 to 18
•    Parent / Affected Others Skills Groups - age 18+
•    Adult Skills Groups – age 18+
•    Foundational Teen Skills Group - for those who learn best in a smaller setting. Contact us for current availability.
•    RO-DBT Teen Skills Group

• Advanced Teen Skills Group
•    Advanced Parent Skills Group

See our schedule for days and times.

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Payment Information

Intakes are 60-90 minutes and are $250. Individual therapist fees are $165 for each 50 minute session, including client-therapist coaching calls between sessions (free under 10 minutes). Skills groups are $75 per week for each 90 minute group.

Payment is expected at the time of service.  We are out-of-network providers and do NOT take insurance, though many of our clients are able to get partially reimbursed out-of-network.  We provide receipts for that purpose.

Each clinician in our practice has a small number of sliding scale slots. Call us at 425-615-0605 to ask about availability and see if Dialectical Behavior Therapy is right for you.

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How do we get started?

  1. Call us at 425-615-0605 to schedule an intake appointment and get the process started.

  2. Once your family member attends their intake appointment, they are assigned an individual therapist to work with at DBT Eastside.

  3. They will then begin their DBT Skills Group.  You will be referred to the Parent/Affected Others Skills Group for family members. 

No Show/Late Cancellation Policy for Intake Appointments
Failure to attend a scheduled Intake appointment without providing notice (No Show) or providing less than 24 hours notice (Late Cancellation) is very disruptive to our Intake Coordinator’s scheduling efforts and may prevent us from serving other requests as important as yours. A $100 fee will be incurred for missing your Intake session under these conditions.  Please be prepared to provide credit card information at time of scheduling. Your card will not be charged unless the fee is incurred.
We do understand that situations may arise that cause late cancellations and no shows.  The $100 fee will be waived if you choose to reschedule your appointment with 24-hours notice.