DBT Skills Group is an ESSENTIAL ELEMENT of any DBT Program. While clients may enroll in our Group program and retain their existing therapist, evidence has shown that clients who enroll in our GOLD STANDARD program see faster results.

DBT Eastside’s GOLD STANDARD program combines our group program with individual therapy that complements group, phone coaching, consultation, and parent counseling. Research has shown that this is the most effective method for reducing suicide attempts and ideation, non-suicidal self-harm, and for improvement in depression, anxiety and the capacity to control anger.

Regardless of whether a client elects for GOLD STANDARD or our just our group program, clients who participate in group will still benefit and experience better outcomes than 1:1 therapy alone.



  • DBT Skills - Teens (ages 13 - 18)

  • DBT Skills - Adults (ages 18+)

  • DBT Skills - Tweens (ages 11 - 13)

  • DBT Skills - Foundational (ages 13 - 18) - for those who learn in better in a smaller group

  • DBT Skills - Parents / Affected Others

  • RO-DBT Skills - Teens (ages 13 - 18)

  • RO-DBT Skills - Adults (18+)

  • Mindfulness - Adults (18+)


DBT Skills Groups - Teen (13 - 18) and Adult (18+)

DBT Skills Group works!  Core Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation, and Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills are taught in a FUN, VALIDATING and UNDERSTANDABLE way. Group members tell us they come because they feel accepted by people they can relate to, and as a result they are more likely to learn the skills, more likely to practice the skills and more likely to use the skills “in the moment” when they are needed.

DBT Skills Group is NOT a group where members are expected to disclose personal information or a place to discuss or glorify harmful behaviors. It is a safe place for all to learn and support each other in the quest to “build a life worth living”.


Mindfulness - Adults (18+)

DBT Eastside offers Mindfulness Groups for existing and former clients. To qualify for the groups, clients must have successfully completed at least one cycle of our DBT Skills group.


RO-DBT Skills Groups - Teen (13 - 18) and Adult (18+)

Individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, and emotional loneliness that comes from over-control, Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (“RO-DBT”) builds upon the success of traditional DBT to treat a unique spectrum of symptoms.

RO-DBT helps with such disorders of over-control, such as anorexia nervosa, obsessive compulsive disorder, chronic depression, chronic avoidance, perfectionism, treatment-resistant anxiety, and paranoia may be able to find relief from this new approach.


DBT Skills Group - Parents / Affected Others

Our Parent/Affected Others Group is a place where they can separately learn DBT skills - the same skills that their loved ones are learning - customized for their needs. “Talking the same talk” encourages skill use at home.

In DBT Group, Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation, and Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills are taught in a safe and understandable way. Parents / Affected Others learn tangible ways to support their loved ones, and themselves practice DBT skills “in the moment,” so as not to make high-risk behaviors worse.